Capitol Hill split on Trump's decision to commute Roger Stone's sentence

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Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend, and in former political adviser Roger Stone, who was convicted for lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering in the investigation into Russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election NPR's Ryan, Lucas reports reaction on Capitol Hill Seems Split Along Party. Lines Republicans like Congressman Jim Jordan. He's a key. Trump ally on the hill came out in support of this move to. To grant a commutation to stone, but for Democrats in the president's critics, they have condemned trump's decision to commute stone sentence, and they call it an attack on the rule of law. They also say that it's part of a pattern. They point to the administration's decision earlier this year to drop charges against the president's former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, and now this decision to commute stone sense they say is evidence of politics infecting the judicial system. The White House says stone was charged by over zealous prosecutors on special. Counsel Robert Muller's team that was pursuing a baseless investigation which led to trump's impeachment.

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