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I think it's two million U. S. Okay, my correct And that might be right on that off. So that would that would give us a death rate of about I guess that would be 2%. No death rate of one. 10% 200 was nowhere near 10% nowhere near noon. Well, Yeah, no, no, we lost was lost 200,000 people. I think it's I think it's seven million infections in the U. S. To be really honest with you because I think that are the death rate is somewhere in the You know, 23% tops. It's It's nowhere near 10%. I'm sure I assure you, my John Yeah. I didn't think it was high. That really wasn't my call. But, you know, maybe Dr Klein wants to come and tell you that I would say that. You know, I'm looking at the world the meter right now has 7,000,548. A 799 cases. Not only was confirmed by Dr Klein but also by my producer, Mario. So it's it is 200,000 Deaths. 7.5 million confirmed cases, but not no need to get lost in the numbers there, John. What's your question or comment for Dr Yeah, Yeah, I thought it was, But the thing I was wondering about that herd immunity. And my understanding is we have a way to go on that. But again, we don't know what appears to be different virus virus when we had quote unquote herd immunity. We'll talk to Dr Klein explained that we don't know that they could be a multiple of the cases that are known. That would be a multiple up, which is upwards in someone study. As many as 10 Times could could actually be have have been infected, But that's there's a lot we don't know about this disease. Right right in is based on, you know, path. All we can do is write as we make our best predictions, doctors and scientists like the best predictions on past Um, similar things, is there. Is there a thought that Dr Klein has on what the number is that we need to hit her immunity with this virus. You know, I wouldn't venture a guess. But you know, it's an interesting thing that we do seem to get. We seem to be hitting levels of infections. In certain areas. You know how we were getting what? What we call spikes and we get these levels of infections and Arizona, Certainly New York Other other Ah Other places. And all of a sudden it seemed to level out kind of hard to understand why that is. So you know, I think what ends up happening is that may not be an all or nothing phenomenon. And and what really happens if you start T hit to hit enough people and the spread bread begins to slow down. And then um and and now you don't happen to people. I think what ends up happening is people act more cautiously in these when when they have the severe outbreaks and so behavior serves determines how much The the speed of threat and then you have you know, we especially older people, for example, will be more felt protected. That younger people and so younger people will tend to get more They want have symptoms. You won't get sick. And or many won't And so what ends up happening is you get you get larger number infection, some of which come to medical attention. And then you end up with with a decreasing or locate fatality rate, which is what we have in the United States Now. I mean, initially when it was Weir get we're looking at all these sick people in hospitals. Case fatality rate look much higher. You still see that in the New York data? But but I think you know overall, it's it's much lower here. It's I think it's around 3%. Despite Scott, I think we I think we call that human nature. Dr. Klein, John. Thank you very much for the phone call. I appreciate your question. Dr Roger Client, I I promised you Ah, let you go by 8 15 Thank you so much for staying as long as you did. Well, we'll get you back in the not too distant future on One on more noticed than I gave it in height. Thank you so much for being available tonight Side into our audience. Dr. Roger Klein. Thank you so much. Thank you Talk soon. We're going to take a break. We have our news at the bottom of the hour coming up and you are more than welcome to join us for the rest of the evening. It's going to be you and me 617 to 5 for 10 30 Tripoli. 9 to 9 10 30..

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