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Media for swifter why is suddenly sex crazed media and political figures and someone wrote this on my twitter feed rahab opines that it's old men afraid of natural aging coupled with male enhancement industry out of control sexual behavior plus out of control prophets deviant behaviour amplify legally you guys can i tell you something there is a reason you're sex drive leaves you as you get older it's because you're not supposed to be a sex maniac at eighty seventy plus to calm down so you'll keep taking vihar grow vitro any of the point is is that these sex and has been drugs what do you think it does to a person's mind the drives them crazy okay so old men afraid of natural aging yes the hair dying the dying their hair the of their the hair plugs who need a hair i'm not gonna get a hair plug what what are you need here for you can be very potent without here i i i think men have it all wrong about would women like any way by the way but any of that is a separate topic i'm saying why is that so much of this all of a sudden why there's so many sex crazed media and political figures well there's an answer to that as well and there is an answer to that the media is eight is an industry that produces a lotta testosterone in males you get so high on what you're doing you gotta drive your testosterone sohar i mean asca what's his name geraldo moustachioed he even said of what he did back in the '60s and '70s what was going on in newsrooms of that time it drives testosterone in case you don't know it uh a lot of sex used to go on in this industry before i joined that of course i kill the section and it's just it's an industry the drive testosterone in males by the way and so a lot of it is displaced in the in in the.

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