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Does it matter to have influence. So many of us have little influence even over our own families and friends and lives. And why do you want to leave an impact. It's a great question. The lists attack the more difficult one. I and that's influence and that is. I have discovered within my small group of friends and acquaintances and colleagues and associates. That i have been gifted with certain degree of influence. Not listen to you coach. They listened to. I don't know what it is. But but and and and and i try to do it with integrity. I'm very careful about it because it's a I'm reminded of the story of brad. Pitt's mom knocking brad pitt. And that he was so good looking and that he could accomplish anything with his looks and his mom told him he was in an interview that i read about him and he said his mom said with that gift comes responsibility and i am that and i thought with the gift of influence comes responsibility. I have to be careful. What am i influencing people in doing am i influencing people in producing good producing love. Compassion care Empathy or my purdue. Am i influencing people to be selfish and greedy and and and i have to be careful of that so so. The influence was a natural talent a gift. I believe it is a gift of god that has to be tempered with wisdom and values and character. And you look at the things that you've done. I mean i guess that makes sense. You were minister for a number of years talk about influencing people they come to you for answers and then as you leave the ministry go into the business world. You don't become a sales executive you become a coach. Yeah i have been probably thirty years old. In on i have been in the service oriented business but but it is service of individual and of groups that i i help i. I am a servant. I am there to provide to write a service that can make a difference in your life and that leads to that leads least that second thing. Influence and impact and impact is really important. And i think we're sort of hired to want to Hired we're sort of wired to want to leave an impact to make a difference. I think so. Nobody wants to be anonymous. My father always used to say he didn't wanna die and just have the thing in tombstone. The two dates in the dash in between he wanted to have meant something he was here. More than just a data died in a data was born. Yeah you know. And i've heard something similar to that except the only thing that matters on that on that epitaph between the day you were born in the day you died is the dash..

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