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Right, John. It's the shortest regular season among the four major team sports, and we're now into the home stretch on Lee four games to go in the NFL, crossing their fingers about quarterback Daniel Jones. It is hopefully healed hamstring, as well as linebacker Blake Martinez, the NFC East leading Giants host Kyla Murray and the Cardinals to come in at six and six. Semen on the four game winning streak hold the division tiebreaker over Washington, seven and five Raiders off that last second win over the Jets. Their home for the eighth and four Cold sat in Las Vegas. The 11 and one Saints put a nine game win streak on the line They had to Philadelphia, where the Eagles hope that rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts, can author a turnaround. They have dropped four in a role and announced and two back of the Giants Sunday night, repairing a couple of teams with a clear path to the postseason. Nine and three Buffalo hosting it 11 and one Pittsburgh Monday night, a couple of more teams with their II on the postseason, the Browns nine and three, host the division rival Ravens at first Energy Stadium, College football number one Alabama cruising past Arkansas. 52 to 3. Ls you On Kate York's 57 Yard field goal with 23 seconds left on the clock toppled sick. Frank, Florida 37 34 9th RIGHT. Miami Demolishing HOME by U. N. C. 60 to 26 Tar Heels totaling 778 yards off offense number two Notre Dame number three Clemson number seven Iowa State, all with the weekend off Arizona embarrassed 72 7 by Arizona State. That was the end of the line for Head coach Kevin someone history for Sarah, the first woman player to score two Power five Conference game, Baseball's New York meant seven new catcher. They have agreed to a four year Dick. Filled with James McCann, who can hit a combined to 76 the last two years with the White Sox. Congratulations to the Columbus Crew. MLS champions after three Nothing win over Seattle and the MBA preseason continues with six games that I keep in mind. The regular year begins on the 22nd just nine days from now. Good luck, John. Mike, what's happened? It's Brandon Tierney Be short. A list of the CBS Sports Brady went.

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