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Five thirty five on NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM. Get news. Demand. Twenty four seven at NewsRadio RI dot com. Now, more of Rhode Island's news, traffic and weather with Ron Saint Pierre. Newsradio nine twenty and one zero four seven f f Rhode Island skews, traffic and weather with Ron Saint year on NewsRadio nine twenty and one zero four seven FM. At least the thanks very much. It's five minutes after seven o'clock. We just had a major thunderstorm role for the Syria here as we look over Thurbers Avenue curve from our catbird seat here. Oxford Street studios atop the fourth floor. Boy, it is coming down. And traffic would be a lot worse today. If weren't for the fact that the kids around a school for the most part this week Brian Amril talking about lean shifts that went into effect on Saturday on route ninety five the department of transportation embarking on a chin point eight million dollar project to reconstruct the bridge that takes the highway over Oxford Street right near us director, Peter Alvidi said the shifts which will end in June will cost some traffic delays for just a few days. He said as the one hundred sixty three thousand daily travelers, and that's the basic amount of the commute get used to this new roadway. All traffic will shift to the left with drivers won't need to change lanes. He says your mantra is simply stay in your lane. You said you should get through this relatively easily too. So the Thurbers Avenue on ramp. I went by this yield sign meaning traffic delays are expected for people on the ramp of eighty said delays are also possible for people on Oxford Street as it tried to get on. Now, though, the Oxford Street bridge isn't structurally deficient as we speak. It certainly is close to being in within four to five years. They said, quote, just completely fallen apart Fulham into a much more critical state of disrepair. So just stay in your lane. Everything should be okay. As you get used to things, you know, but we all Rhode Islanders, and we don't like changes to pair of providence. Police vehicles were involved in accidents over the weekend. The providence police department saying an officer was responding to a call on Saturday night and was on Broadway. When he swerved to avoid hitting vehicle that was emerging and hit a building on Vinton street and Broadway earlier on Saturday. A cruiser hit a utility pole to after it was involved in a a two vehicle crash at the junction of Portland and friendship streets. Non-life-threatening injuries reported with both of those incidents. Police are also investigating a pickup truck crash. That happened into a Lincoln home after rear ending a mini van there in Lincoln. Sam read from NBC ten has that story just guide me and my daughter is safe enough, and we weren't hurt on Sunday.

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