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You're making you make moves like pond sacrifices and sometimes you're trading a queen for a bishop or whatever for for is really a game that i think that if if you teach kid how to play chess and i'm grateful for my dad. He taught me to play. I think when. I was in the second or third grade. It's so much easier to learn stuff like that or a foreign language when you're a kid When you get older it's harder to learn things like that right. Yeah yeah that's true. Yeah yeah. I like the fact you can play computer games. You can even back in the eighties. You could off these games that you play the computer you know you did it. Smooth if you're moving in down you could actually Ten grades got even more sophisticated. Now in fact you can't beat the latest one out at play the world champion about what was it. I ego Bego champion united planet computers. Pretty cool too. And and people should know daryl that you are a multifaceted guy you're also an author and I'm looking at the title of your book here in the covers really nice photograph forward by search him rice dear love groves. Yeah til ten rice actually rushed chis- he wrote the musical chess off here at c. Right the words with them. Benny beland from abba who did the music and At a costumer was will the nurses from jesus christ superstar and the line king and a whole bunch of others. So yeah i got. Tonight's him during the ninety s. When i was playing jesus and jesus christ style throughout australia and new zealand and ken. Good medicine england when i sit up Something we'll probably told me about a little while the act. The three wife is riches. Talked a lot about it in my book. And i play cricket but his cricket team and he able to show quite a few times well for his friends and and one of the biggest did was for him at the dorchester hotel in london. So he's could and he very kindly to do the forward for the book that's gonna make you feel good as as the author of why haven't i heard of you. A blueprint for standing out in a crowded crazy changing new world to have a gentleman who you've worked with who you respect and i- credentials. I mean abba. Dancing queen unbelievable talent with that band. i always think of ab- as the less dramatic of behind the scenes version of fleetwood. Mac you know what i mean like can i. Did they have a couple of couples. Wasn't it was abba consisted of two couples in the band but they seem to get along better than than the fleetwood. Mac which always had this infighting in unin. Yeah.

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