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The isolated town before the hunt was revived in eighteen. Eighty five the diocese sent a new priest to the village. A man named barron jay sony. Who would resurrect though secrets yet again. So near grew up in long dock near ren lucia to- he was a stubborn young man and vocally political much to the chagrin of his superiors when he was assigned to ren lucia toe at thirty three years old. It appeared that he was a bit disappointed. He moaned in his diary. The middle cross exists but there are no aisles in other words he felt a bit trapped on the grounds of the church. There wasn't even a home for sun year which was unusual for any paris at this time so he stayed with a local family called the dinar knows. This was where. Sonia met the eighteen year old marie for years so near scraped by on a meagre salary of a few francs a month but thankfully many of the provisions offered him food and donations to get by for uncertain reasons so near later decided to move into a dilapidated shack on the church grounds. Maybe the priest wanted his own space. Or perhaps you wanted to oversee the churches upcoming repairs. The parish was in desperate need of renovation. The foundation was cracking. The roof fleet and the paint was chipped unfortunately alms from churchgoers wouldn't be enough to make the repairs. The church sorely needed so sonia asked the mayor for alone is request was granted and in eighteen eighty seven repairs on the parish known as the church of saint. Mary magdalen began coincidentally. This was also win. Years journey began one afternoon. As workmen removed the old altar. Sonia noticed something in a hollow cavity inside at first. He didn't think much of it. It was traditional to leave a document. Commemorating the consecration of the church inside the altar but when sonia reached inside it didn't find a certificate. He found a secret message. The letter directed him to turn over one of the flagstones on the church floor. When sonia located this stone he found it was loose underneath. The brick was a carved image of two riders. On one horse was intentional. If the engraving had been exposed to the air it would have disintegrated over the years but upside down. It could stay preserved for centuries but that's just one version of the story another suggests that so near found more than just a message inside that alter he found jewels a bracelet and a necklace from the visigoths era accompanying them were two parchments with bible verses pinned in latin year felt. This was a strange collection. He couldn't understand why someone would hide. Bible verses inside. The walls of church had to be more explanation to their significance although we do know of yet another version of the story of sonya's discovery in the church. This one actually has a direct source named antoine kept ta cap. Da's grandfather was the church bell ringer during sonia's residency in the late eighteen. Hundreds according to him the senior kept ta was the one who spotted something amongst the rubble cap. Da said the item was actually a glass vile and it contained just scrap of parchment which is grandfather handed over to sawn year. Right away obviously with differing accounts. We can't say for certain what was found that day in eighteen ninety one but a hidden flagstone with a secret image or message vile or visigoths jews and latin bible verses are all possibilities undoubtedly a clear from the church only increased son years interest from that point on his life took a very different turn some believe he found the keys to unlocking a mystery over a century. Old coming up sewn year goes to paris and returns a wealthy man. hi it's carter from par cast and i'm hosting the new limited series hollywood scandals. We all know that tinseltown is the land of glitz and glamour but look closer past the allure of bright. Lights and red carpets. There you'll find a more disturbing tale.

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