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Of Congress asking for answers after president trump fired federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman whose office investigated some of the president's closest political allies Attorney General William Barr is standing by that move as well Berman clearly had a concern about why he was being pushed out and given the firings of these inspector general's given the way that bar has sought to intervene in cases the help of people like Michael Flynn or Roger stone and to seek additional punishment for people like Michael Cohen then you really have to question what's really at the basis of this California democratic congressman Adam Schiff on NBC's meet the press a noose was found in the garage stall of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace at Talladega on Sunday Wallace the only full time black driver in NASCAR's elite Cup series noose found less than two weeks after he successfully pushed the auto racing series to ban the Confederate flag in his tracks and facilities that are launching an investigation Sunday's race at Talladega reschedule to Monday because of what whether former VP Joe Biden and president trump duking it out for campaign cash Biden's recent surge in the polls is translating to dollars pulling ahead of president trump's fundraising operation for the first time in may with an eighty million dollar hall it's about ten percent more than what the Republicans brought in during that same time period notably more than half of Biden's donors said they were new to his campaign and the DNC so they're doing well with both big and small donors despite high unemployment the coronavirus pandemic still the trump campaign has more cash on hand overall Sox's Jacqui Heinrich Colbert nineteen contact tracing not big in the big apple apparently The New York Times reporting they just thirty five percent of the city residents who tested positive or were presume positive for gold in nineteen in the first two weeks of the contact tracing program gave any information about their close contacts to interviewers America's listening to fox news.

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