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This is adnan virk as you know my podcast all about movies but now i want you to check out marty smith's america podcasts as the interviews uncle rico actor jon greis from napoleon dynamite some interesting tidbits but how that movie came to be and how he got the role so vote for pedro and be sure to subscribe rate and review marty smith's america podcast as well as sinophile the adnan virk movie podcast y'all welcome through marty smith's america the podcast we've had tremendous guests so far and today we have one of the funniest one year this quite probably is the funniest addition of the march miss america podcast date we have okel rico john grise the the actor excuse me who played rico was kind enough to join us producer travis raynham down and the interview is funny we learn about what it was like to become ankle rico how the character was born how well it was written how unique it was to play such an iconic character and not only that we get into the movie napoleon dynamite itself a cult classic if there ever was one and the there's so many amazing moments in lines in that movie and so many resonant characters whether it be nope polian himself kip la fonda rex cuando starla graham oh on and on and on pedro there are these hilarious memorable characters throughout that movie and probably the most famous and most memorable is okay rico and we'll get into that indepth with john and not just the character but also the man we learn about the man who played rico but who he is personally and it i'm gonna tell you it's going to surprise you guys what john says and the depth invulnerability he shows in the interview about himself as a person so that's wonderful and we also get into the mardi party my boy ryan mcgee espn senior writer anybody who knows about what we're doing in our body of work the mardi mcgee program every saturday morning seven and nine mcgee's moco host and he's a complete idiot just like i.

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