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Percent from october excluding volatile food and energy prices so call core consumer inflation rose a modest point one percent in november over the past year overall consumer inflations up two point two percent and core inflations up one point seven percent attests dummy named mannequins skywalker has gone on as sub orbital flight just in time for the new star wars movie aerospace company blue origin which is led by amazon's jeff those launched its new shepherd rocket tuesday from west taxes for the seventh time it marked the first flight though of the latest version of blue origins crew caps seoul featuring big windows for future space tourists the new shepherd rocket named after the first american in space ellen shepherd landed back on the ground following the 10minute test flight the capsule reached a peak altitude of sixty one point seven miles above sea level just shy of the true start of space the white house is disputing that a tweet president trump directed at a democratic senator had any sexual innuendo after she called for him to resign amid sexual minutes from its advanced manufacturing fund which was created to finance the work of domestic manufacturers in create jobs in the eu at apple says the investment will allow fitness are to boost production of vertical cavities service omitting lasers which apple uses four face id animo g and portrait mode cell fees with the iphone ten true depth camera and the proximity sensing capabilities of air pods fitness are will open a manufacturing plant in sherman texas about an hour north of dallas creating more than five hundred jobs it's time for some straight saw you have their unlimited plan so why.

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