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As we may. We never did that interview without gore, disappointing really because there was so much I want to ask him, I couldn't help. But wonder what if what if I actually got a crack committee. What? What? And now we'll turn to questions from the committee will begin by recognizing the gentleman from Tennessee bigamous chairman, Mr. gore, want to start out by saying, for the record that those of us on our side are pro environment. We all want clean air and clean water. I don't think there's any question about. I don't question your sincerity one moment will appreciate and I wish I could return the cop of they're just some things that bother me about the way you've been conducting your life. Some of the things you've said over the years, for instance, you stated repeatedly that seal to pollutant, and we've had scientist after scientists by this committee. The says that seal to is not a pollutant new dispute that I want to address your point that you made about the science. I believe that it's important to, to look at the sources of the science that we rely on. With all due respect. I believe that you have relied on people. You've trusted. Give a new bad information. Glad you brought that up. We've spoken with numerous scientists that, contributing IDC report, medifast. We talk with the lead author of the IPC, and he vehemently disagrees with you, as far as what the science is showing and for years. This body has relied on you with your testimony on global warming. And for uses bunny, as has taken your testimony as fact. What would you think? I've been wondering thing thing. Let's.

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