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This is the newseum breath from the united nations. Afghanistan is on course to witness its highest number of documented civilian casualties in a single year. Since records began the refugee agency said on friday as widespread fighting intensifies the agency said it was particularly concerned about the impact of the conflict on women and girls his the unhcr spokesperson shabby man to the human toll of spiraling hostilities. Immense the united nations assistance mission has warned that without a significant de escalation in violence. Afghanistan is on course to witness. The highest number of documented civilian casualties in a single year. Since records began. We are particularly worried about the impact of the conflict on women and girls. Some eighty percent of nearly a quarter of a million afghans forced to flee since the end of may are women and children concerns also growing about chronic hunger levels in the country. Where one in three people are cute. Food insecure and two million children urgently need nutrition treatment. The situation has all the hallmarks of a humanitarian catastrophe. Said the world food program which has appealed for funding to help reach nine point. One million people by december the world health organization has urged all countries to put differences aside to help understand where and how the cove in nineteen virus started including the unproven suggestion that it was manufactured in a laboratory. The move announced late on thursday comes after a joint report was issued in march by the who and china into the origins of the corona virus. It determined that there was insufficient scientific evidence to rule any of the hypotheses out about how the corona virus spread while the un agency explained that to address the lab hypothesis. it needed access to all data future. Research would need to include a further examination of the raw data from the earliest in nineteen infections that. Who said adding that. It had already received information from a number of countries that had reported finding the virus in blood samples taken in two thousand thousand nineteen before the outbreak was declared a pandemic. These countries included italy. The who noted adding that it encouraged all countries including china to support the hunt for cove. Its origins rival armed groups in the democratic republic of the congo carrying out horrific sexual attacks against women and girls. The un refugee agency has warned. The alerts was prompted by what the unhcr's called widespread and systematic abuse in tanganyika province where thousands of people have been internally displaced this year often many times spokesperson shabby told journalists in geneva that the rival armed groups responsible for the attacks competing for control of mining areas especially gold mines and that the abuse was linked to retaliation for government. Led military operations are stop of heard. Horrific testimonies of extreme violence forcibly displaced. People have accused on groups of carrying out mass. Rape is as women attempt to flee their homes. Some women and girls have been abducted and used a sex slaves by armed group members. Ransoms have been demanded from families in exchange for their freedom. The un agencies said that it remains committed to helping the survivors but work is hampered by the ongoing violence and the long distances people have traveled to reach medical centers. Katie dartford un news..

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