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There's been nearly one hundred sex abuse suits filed against the catholic church in guam saliha hundred sixty three thousand people live their heads what's amazing about it you're right one recent lawsuit claims the salts from 1985 to nineteen eighty eight a fifteen year old boy was helping out at a place called sandy gallo local church named archangel michael and he was doing yard work in cleaning then he was invited the rectory defeat and to watch tv then there and then they were giving him sacramental wine watching warned and draw there you go there is a night at the catholic rectory and it's no different than here most of the victims were boyce right so this is not unique after the united states catholic church we know what happens a lot lie ruined germany had a lot of cases post wall seminaries beds in stuff jerry brown saw the art bishop anthony up along 13 guam precent others including a catholic school teacher a catholic school janitor and a boy's scout leader over that too are alleged to be sexual predators warms archdiocese of a ghana is it defended the ninety six lawsuits from ninety fifty five two thirteen ninety five 1994 and again the complaint says a lot of the higherups knew about this where gortat gift because the higherups do it too you know they don't care they they they they did to they just did get caught one retired priest who admitted he sexually abused twenty or more boys still gets a monthly stipend from the archdiocese at saint you can fade that's right you're you're you're rape a boy and and they'll pay he get to pitch here's your rate pension good lord let us sick sick sick group sean and pin weekdays at two kfi am 640 more stimulating talk they're saying listen if a local cop knows that that guy is getting out of jail and cannot legally reside within the country we need to tell the federal agents the state legislation that they're talking about would prevent back kopp from dropping a dime it it it would advertise hey if you're here illegally goda california and to commit eur crime whatever your crime does your as you like assaulting people you like breaking into homes you like the raping people you like doing any drug deal anything anything wherever you're crime as whatever your ththey whatever your thing as go to.

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