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About Jesus and they'll go great hallel evening to and just go eat with them young some Middle Eastern restaurant in just get to know him as a human being. I think we want convert people I. Think we need to be converted. I WANNA. Do if I ever write a book about what I've done I want to call it the six conversions of Bob Roberts and the first one is how I was converted to friendship had to change my whole view. Here's a guy wants to be a missionary. And I wanted to see people converted but I didn't have time for to be your friend because I gotta go convert the next person. and. I remember working with the MOMS because I had to in Afghanistan. And then I realized I wanted to be my friend and I'm going. Well how do you be a friend with Muslims? I'm friends with tons of Muslims I mean you've you've been with me with Honda use of he calls me up all the time needling meet picking on me. He's he knows more about Catholic theology and Evangelical Evangelical do you know a surfer boy who became a Muslim when he was sixteen? He's now my age sixty, two So I I mean. Become friends with them. That's the simplest thing or if it's a Hindu Buddhist, it doesn't matter in let them ask you questions and I don't want to hear the. Four spiritual laws or the Roman road just talk about Jesus and what he's done in your life and listen to let your wives get to know one another I mean my kids, my grandkids we're all friends with Muslims it's a part of our life and our faith I mean infringe with all these rabbis they helped me preach my sermon yesterday because I was. Preaching repentance into relies the yesterday and even today is Yom Kippur. That's right. Hey you may not know this Daniel I didn't did you know Yom Kippur was not about since that I have committed That's what Russia Hashanah is. All right in the forty days before Yom Kippur is ten days of sins that we have committed That's my roots I got up and I was preaching yesterday and said, this is what it means. We're going to disagree. But Magic Cosby I. can't get him to always answer my texts. So what I'll do I'll show sending some of the WHO's the fat guy used to be on Saturday night live who dressed early as far as. Senator text him in the dirty dancing God, dancing gifts. Executives. About rather don't send these to me. I was somewhere in all these MOMS we're looking over my shoulder. To. Laugh Fun with his daughters have been sending me. Muslim music to listen to started sending them Christian music. I mean, why can't we see people as human beings? Okay. Can I give you didn't ask me can I give you some theology Daniel or go here not smarter than me outcome Mamba No? No, it's.

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