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Did i mean i it would be ten o'clock at night on the east coast and i would be you know running into my car because i didn't to be honest with you i didn't really know hey for series exam i never did i would run out to my car though i had some free you know package just to hear ken show and i would run out to my car and then i would run in and listen to and you can listen to kait on online you don't just because i lived in new jersey didn't mean i wasn't able to listen to the show's i would listen to jerry doyle uh rest him he's terry 'cause i loved his show i would listen in the afternoon to jerry show even though i was in new jersey i would listen to a am seven twenty over there so can show in you know the the people on ken show they're all talking about sports when you say i know a lot about sports i probably compare myself to my bra are and don't think i know anything about sports but i do i probably know a lot more about sports than your average uh the average person and well the feet intelligently about it that's for sure yeah so if i everybody out there you know listen to seven twenty eight am on that's like a girl a few if you're just the end to stood a little bit in about sports you'll learn so much about michelle mcgann in her and per back crown in in she's really the uh intelligent i was going to say thank you so much stand and we have another halfhour left for this show so we're going to talk in the next half hour and diana will ask me more questions about the actual premise of the show and what you can expect in the upcoming episodes of bats like a girl and also don't forget that uh kdwn is the new home of the raiders so that's important to mention that's exciting hey sports whereas host goods often sports radio here inviting the joining monday through friday night seven nine pm correlations were ted laws up to the minute scores in.

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