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Was like because I guess. He was friends with Raven Simone He. He's real you so I guess she did the same thing last year. She was other show. He say acting scared. You acting said anybody that knows that I know who works. All the time is all of a sudden in La but they're not really doing anything there on the Messinger please and by the way I love how you like yet everybody. I DIDN'T POST ANYTHING. But People Sabi said. Oh I heard you in. La The only time people seaney out in public. They're like Oh. I saw you Cynthia and I'm like how did you guys see us? We're like low key having a drink and I was like Cynthia. Can you leave your ass at home? Everybody Caesar's because you have big Atlanta booty. He's the big Atlanta. That's when I see you would soon be it right. Yeah I have went out for Kenya's birthday and I went to her birthday. Parties on those people saw me out van and I think I post it went to Disneyland or something but it was one time before the I don't know how they somebody stop me at the store. Something like what happened not draw the Games will get it everybody. Oh no the gays will get it. You know it's so funny because we talk a lot on daily pop about when women assume this boss role and I watched this whole season. As you've cut navigate your relationship than you had to communicate to your husband that you know. I needed a shy and I needed to do this. How was it coming with this new project when you know that he wasn't too thrilled with you being away for the last project? Yeah Okay so. My husband explained this to me. First of all very supportive of me it happened. Was You know what you guys to see on the show? Is that okay? Bravo allowed me to do the shy. While I was still taping housewives so basically Sabrina's I only get normally two days off a week or housewives..

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