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Well you know it really is the proving grounds to determine if a guy has enough talent or not it really is the opportunity for people to learn how to work on race cars and but more importantly than all of that it's really the opportunity for fans in their local hometown or you know an hour hour drive live to be able to go to races and you know i think we tend to think of nascar style racine is just cup racing and it's not it's everything from you know lay models to street stocks to all kinds of stuff and not just nascar you know a lot of short tracks around the country are not you know nascar racetracks and you know dirt tracks and all sorts of lot of asphalt tracks are nascar tracks and the importance of those tracks is is more about it's more about building a fan base and that fan base has a connection to drivers that are from their town from their area you get these rivalries that happen on a yearly basis well actually many yearly basis where you know the thing about you know the the racing at bowman gray stadium where you have this constant rivalry between families and you know some people hate that family some people love that family and really that's what that's what sports are about so the health the overall health of shorttrack racing asphalt shorttrack race in isn't very strong right now it's if you talk to track owners if you talked to two guys that owned the cars if you talked to those key principles it's not very healthy there's a lot of effort to make it healthy but you know there's been a general decline in in excitement about about local racing so it's made it hard it's put a put a lot of pressure on on all racetracks owning a racetrack does not look like a very lucrative business and certainly owning a late model is not a lucrative business so there's gotta be something that happens to make make it so that if you're asphalt late model racing you could somehow another scrounge a living out of it and that's almost unheard of as opposed to you know thirty years ago there were a lot of people that were running late and super late models around the country that were making a living doing it you know again it's not about the health of the racer.

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