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Those who love southern literature and lawrenceville history got a treat on thursday night local authors. Tim westover and elaine smith took part in a literary discussion with moderator. Kalinda ski alaba. Westover and smith discussed their books lawrenceville history and the writing process and then signed their books afterward. The event was part of the gwinnett. county libraries. Meet the author program. Mr westover is author of the winter. Sisters the novel set lawrenceville in eighteen. Twenty two a year after the town was founded this historical novel features frontier medicine spellbinding sisters and fear of rabies epidemic. The book has received critical acclaim including the publisher's weekly book. Life prize editor's choice and participation as a panelist at the twenty twenty international book fair in the uae westover is also the author of aurora. The old weird south and marvin strato which is written in esperanto. He is ceo and web application designer for media lab inc in lawrenceville. Elaine smith is author of. This is ellen jones reporting a young adult historical fiction set in the south in the early sixties. The novel is one honors. From the william faulkner william wisdom creative writing competition. She's a retired gwinnett. Educator who initiated the first program broadcast journalism and video production in the county and was elected teacher of the year at brookwood high school results from yesterday's health fair and the news is not good. Springfield is in terrible shape. Particularly our young third health. Fair of the year will be held. September eleventh that the lenora part gymnasium in snowville healthier presented by clover and publix is put on by the gwinnett daily post in conjunction with live healthy. Gwinnett event runs from ten. Am to one pm and we'll offer free cova vaccines and free flu shots. This is a free event. And the i two hundred adults will receive a goody bag from clover health filled with items from vendors at the health. Fair registration is requested but not required. September national suicide prevention month and guide inc will provide a brief presentation on suicide prevention questions to ask and how to identify suicidal symptoms or than forty vendors in the health wellness in general living categories will be on hand and there will be free health screenings offered including screenings for blood pressure peripheral artery disease hearing vision. Hiv stress depression and more live. South will be on site for those who want to give blood. Donations for the local co op will also be collected. Br every three non perishable food items donated attendees will gain entry to win prizes including a cosmetic fragrance gift basket from belco snowville pavilion fern. Bank museum of natural history tickets and other prizes. And now here's a look at gwinnett. Sports with gdp. Sports editor will hammock. We'll hamic let's jump right into it. Tell me about the high school football games from last week. A few interesting ones. I think The big one that people were talking about console when their freedom bowl matched up with the greenville christian. They're defending state championship team from mississippi Pretty exciting game a lot. A lot of talent on both sides of the fields goodwin for council that kinda keep rolling with what they're doing over there and north gwinnett got their first win. That was big parkview especially in the fashion. They did it. They got behind and they were playing at parkview And they will come back late and win that game so that's a nice win for the first one in the season's going to do much for their confidence going forward They found running game over there. That's going to help them a lot and a couple of good running backs that can help them out. And i look forward to seeing what they can do. They improve throughout the season and mill. Creek's defense Another dominant performance. They've just been on a roll of shutting folks down. Did it again last week. So milky surely climb in this state rankings and have a lot of potential this year and we'll have a since you are the sports editor the gwinnett daily post. You're the guy who picks the football players of the week right couple of impressive performances again this week. We always have a lot of the great kids to choose from great performances to choose from every week on the defensive side. We don't want the council player from their freedom. Bowl-winning on crawford He's a big time. junior linebacker or offers from florida state. Tennessee georgia tech. Folks like that. He's had twelve tackles four sacks and four quarterback hurries in that game. Just a a big part of what council did defensively last year when he was a sophomore. Even bigger parts this year's a junior so look for cnn. Mika plays the rest of this year as another high school season left and then over at hebron gavin hall. The quarterback sophomore quarterback play of the week. It was a quite a debut for him. He recently transferred over from loganville Really bolstered the quarterback position over there at hebron and he was nine of thirteen passing one hundred fifty two yards and a touchdown and rushed for one hundred eighteen yards and three more touchdowns and he in over woodland carterville. So greg game by gavin. He's gonna make a huge impact on that that hebron program over there and we'll hang a give me your thoughts on. Uga in clemson the as an interesting game. I think there's a lot of defense. Obviously if you're if you're an office gather went a whole lot to see in that game. I think it was what you saw was to. Really elite defense is going at it An unknown both teams. We're talking about Maybe a little disappointed in their offense of efforts. But i think a lot of that had to do with decided. Those defenses are in both those defenses are stacked with five star recruits and and big time guys are going to play in the nfl. so are they. That's what it came down to just a just a defensive war I think georgia looked a little bit better on offense obviously had at quarterback with a little bit more experienced Over there and we're able to run the ball late when they needed to run the clock out so thousand encouraging sign Waited guy Kamara his opponent. Uja just had a really good game To help flip field and also pin clemson deep for most of that game with his putting He's also georgia's kickoff guy and holes. He's all over the place where project and what he's been able to do there. And obviously huge win for the bulldogs going forward and their eddie it back to business against. Uab this week and football's not the only thing going on in gwinnett county. What else have you got. Yeah we've got coming up this weekend. We got the gwinnett county cross country championships. It's it's really one of the better sports in gwinnett. Over the last two decades golic kids went in state titles individually and his teams and always have some of the top runners on the state. So it's a very competitive me looking forward to see how that turns out. Unfortunately there's not a course in gwinnett that can handle it. It's so big and so competitive so they have to go down to the core spark in conyers to run the race every year. They're really pushing to get a get a court. Hearing that can handle. Everything needs to handle as far as the attendance in the parking and the and the runners over. They're able to do that. I mean the running around here. it's just exceptional..

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