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Is been in town actually started out by arriving of course where else right here in boston as we talked about yesterday the globe had an article about just how are we're sure we aren't we are a new england is the most iowa irish region of the country massachusetts is the most irish state in the country and that they estate broke down in front i said marshfield is the most i wish town and massachusetts but i think it's ball closely by yes it was a list so sure communities like but so to it go have sitton on an on it goes now so fit a press has a story this morning and so too michael but katherine lucie and it says irish leaders white house visit has serious undertone as well shamrock some smiles typically to find the irish prime ministers traditional say patrick they visit the white house president trump celebration could turn a little more serious and the can he has signal but he'll use the meeting scheduled for today right now the day before thinks at the day before fat catcher to talk about rex it and trump's immigration policies kenny who label trump's language dangerous during the campaign and some it's important to keep the standing date which some critics have suggested he should cancel speaking the irish times kenny said european leaders need to be over here talking two republicans and democrats and it missed ration about what membership of the european union games and the relationship that can have with us powerful and to tea as the united states now earlier this year the article goes on to say trump said britain's decision to leave the your opinion whatever been a great thing in predicted the block would continue to break apart the comments echo trump's rhetoric during his president or campaign can he'll be the first european union politician to meet.

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