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The nfl on fox and overall they gained about 28 you art kansas city chiefs did not asleep doesn't culprit one of the better pointers and football and andy read sticks with it many certainly delivers but he was given one of its the referee an earful as to why that was not dropping upon our as opposed to running into the kicker shotguns nafta bernie persident generous twenty chapels up shuffles up winds up one are spiraled ominous the cooks twenty anti trump pollution krona targets holding against the chiefs of the secondary out spike crooks the reporting hurry okay that was on phillip dane's he's out there trying to run with coach you could see cooks can fly down the field wall tell you what what a catch what a throw and how about the new new england patriots buyers are they are all happened there open two thirty seven clock ticking thirdquarter pats on top twenty 421 birdie from the eighteen a kansas city first him dinner center he and jawf their tried a little attack over twenty the fifth running amok painted number feet down to about the eleven on a sevenyard burst by super bowl hero change wii the university of wisconsin and here we go with the nohuddle offense quick snap began trying to keep the deep pads from getting a line and trying to figure out where everybody is in that alignment shutting down three brady under center three tied in the chiefs 10 single back is white the snap the brady the spin to the right thing got the white onejoke with a guard he's john the ten on the ashmore runs and cuts in is down to about the seven who were on a gain of three i think there should be a first down here for the new england patriots they don't huddle again they lineup moving right the left and it is first thing all together they got the first down brady under center he's got three wide a single back he now gals the play gets the snap spins what hands to wipe out the block tackle wants to the 10 cuts in the number of goes down the five in pick it took three of the four of the chiefs you know the defense of want of achieved you could see from here you know look this their first game they're trying to make.

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