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To get the job, maybe she distributing the consultant type away, but the Browns would like to interviewer for their head coaching job Wienert for years that she was interested in being Commissioner. She's always been time at Stanford with David Shaw. She loves the game. I'm just curious wrecks on your response. Even the possibility of an interview. Well, I think there's there's plenty of room in the NFL for or women in coaching. And all that, obviously, I was the first one that that hired a fulltime assistant woman in Catherine Smith, and thank you very much and she did a fantastic job. So, you know, one thing for sure. If Condoleeza Rice is a head coach, she will be the smartest at. NFL today. She takes a job. The woman can work on peace in the Middle East. Maybe. This never I last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, and you can understand everyone kind of walking around on shells on this one. Because the last thing you wanna do is come off sounding like a jerk talking about Condoleeza Rice talking about a woman in football. But I think we can all comfortably state Condoleeza Rice is in no way shape informed, fit to a head coach in the NFL understand. We live in a time period where the pre recs for certain positions don't seem to apply as much anymore. But that being said, this is a spot where you're right, there are plenty of roles in football, where Condoleeza Rice would be a huge asset Condoleeza Rice working with or around the league office, the Commissioner all things like that are very interesting because those are ones where the skill set certainly runs over Condoleeza Rice did put out a statement on her Facebook page that I love my Browns. And I know they will hire it experience coach to take us in level next level. But on a more serious note, I do hope that the NFL will start to bring women into the coaching profession as position coaches and eventually coordinators and head coach. One doesn't have to play the game to understand it motivate players, but experience counts, and it's time to develop a pool of experience women coaches, by the way, I'm not ready to coach, but I would like to call player to next season at the Browns need ideas and in no time while I call for a prevent defense. So the very least her philosophy because that was I was starting to get into. All right. If we're gonna play this game. Do we think she runs the three four four three? You know what? Her based coverage is heavy blitz package. All the things that we would have to start to consider feel like you've got if you're the Browns lean into this and have Condoleeza Rice absolutely call play at the beginning of last year. We've done it for less than Condoleeza Rice, certainly has the clout to at least pull that off work cited to see that one so bizarre news that we all took into gather on Twitter. And last the podcast first and last podcast hanging out of my head. This idea of coming off the headline from yesterday that Adam Schefter reported the Browns were interested in interviewing Condoleeza Rice to be their next head coach like I can't get rid of this idea in my head of political ad campaigns making their way into the world of the NFL like Todd Haley refused to incorporate elements of baker's Oklahoma spread in their offense. Hugh Jackson wants you to know that he elects to go for it on fourth down in situations where.

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