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Levy you're still moving okay the Upper East River crossings on the Hudson River crossings empty a central subway plan in place L. A. double R. metro north New Jersey transit all on a reduced schedule watch for showers this afternoon with a high in the upper fifties clouds tomorrow with a high of forty eight you never know where not to go I'm Debbie do ham with kale Pesta pro A. M. nine seventy the answer is she is the one the only W. Hey they get set for spring with Macy's lowest prices of the season on everything from top trends to furniture for every room in the house plus it's a great shoe sale get forty percent off when you buy two or more pairs of sandals heels and sneakers thirty to fifty five percent on the latest trends and new styles during our time in South an updated look with new suits from Kenneth Cole reaction just ninety eight nine the nine plus everyone gets free shipping on purchases of twenty five dollars or more now at macys dot com savings of south races exclusions apply there's a lot to learn and understand when getting ready to buy a home having a right lending team in place who can help is important the learning experts at citizens bank can answer your questions about home borrowing or how to get started with a mortgage pre approval call citizens bank at two one two eight five seven six six six eight two one two eight five seven six six six eight and ask a citizen mortgages are offered in originated by citizens bank N. A. analysts number four three three nine six zero equal housing lender as as as as hypochondria thank god yet yes you could be that would be me I think that's a major cause of death build up my immune system and I think it'll do the same for you and then when I offer you free shipping I said free shipping on thirty five percent or thirty five percent off on any new preferred order about the nature to get about it you got a call eight hundred two four six eight seven fifty one just like that eight hundred two four six eight seven fifty one I worry about you and I'm proud to tell you about the great things that we tell you about here on the radio show balance of nature for me speaking for me is an absolute miracle balance of nature dot com.

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