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Small hidden cubicle in the aum shinrikyo headquarters he was lying in his own urine and surrounded by a hundred thousand dollars worth of currency when the police tried to arrest him he insisted that quote no one is allowed to touch the guru's body and quote when the police ignored him and explained that he was being arrested for the murder of twelve people in the subway he replied simply could a blind man like me possibly do such a thing when shoko appeared in court in the same year he was denied the right of wearing his purple priestly robes to prevent him from appearing like a god to his followers when he was asked to confirm his name as chizuo matsumoto he refused to be called by any name but shoko asahara when he was asked to plea he refused to add instead launched into an explanation of the philosophy of omission reco shoko despite having the tables turned on him still suffered from delusions that he was a god the courts forbade him to wear his normal priestly purple robes but despite being denied his normal comforts as a god shoko continued to participate in strange behaviors in the courtroom this was very characteristic of show goes unique psychology in which he wasn't just a con man he also believed his own lies it would take a lot for shoko to be convinced that he was just another con man whose life was at the mercy of the state it was only until he saw his own senior followers testify against him that shukla's delusions were shattered finally fear took over and szoka realized that he had to save his own skin but his efforts were for nothing szoka was sentenced to death by hanging.

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