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Ego brawl. Thank you coming by us. Donna. We seem to be hanging out a lot these days last week was a Catholic education foundation where they raised over one million dollars one million dollars for the Catholic education foundation last week. They were there and their son Jeff was honored on that one. So it was great to say Bernard. It brings out everybody. It is a little chilly chilly, and we're having we're having a lot of fun. We were meeting fans people. It's a miracle. Told you heals your wagon to this train. If I could tell. Can we track them down? I know exactly where they are. All right. Saint bernards winding down. They're going to close shop here about eight o'clock. So you got about twenty five minutes, if you're the neighborhood all Fagin Bush, come on by and see so K. So what was I gonna talk about forty break. And he said don't talk about it. We'll do it later. Did you hear about the twins in Brazil, jerks? I can't call them what I want to call them because we're church. Okay. So there twists and what they do. I know people like as you can curse here. It's broken. Broken. Yeah. I know. But I it's like jewelry for me now. And I'm trying to get it fixed. The most expensive watch ever owned is broken barris. Anyway. Okay. So what are the twins? That's the most expensive watch ever on. How much did it cost?.

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