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Listening. Former vice president Joe Biden, urging Americans to turn off the hate machine Biden the target of suspicious devices sent a prominent Democrats and their supporters sources, tell CBS news. Investigators are zeroing in on postal facilities in south Florida, where they believe at least some of the packages were mailed. They're going through security camera footage, including of the self serve. Kiosks where packages can be mailed looking to find the person who sent the package bombs all arrows pointing to Florida. One federal official told CBS news. The Florida office address of congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was listed as the return address of all the packages sent at CBS is Jeff peg as President Trump is making good on a promise to send more troops to the southern border to prevent a caravan of migrants from entering the US CBS's. Paula Reed reports from the White House Defense Secretary Mattis is expected to sign that order for additional troops. Tonight. But it's unclear exactly what impact they will have because many of these migrants if they even make it to the border are expected to surrender to border patrol and seek asylum. Saudi Arabia is allowing the son of murder journalist Jamal kashogi to leave the country and come to the US. The US State Department says it welcomes the move thirteen sex trafficking victims, working out of Everett had been rescued. The FBI Seattle division says eleven adult women in two juveniles were being sold as prostitutes throughout the state. They're still working on arrests. Washington state is investigating a local children's dentist for allegedly reusing single use equipment and putting patients at risk Cairo. Sevens. Allison Grandy spoke with an employee of Dr Justin Bieber who owns several spouse for kids offices the tool in question. It's called an isolate mouthpiece. And it's this pliable piece of material that goes into your mouth, and it connects to that section that suctions out of saliva and blood and pus and it says on the package disposable do not. Not reuse. But she says that the dentist in charge of the practice told her to instead put that in cold sterilization and wash it and then reuse it more on the story tonight on KIRO seven DUI patrols will be out in force this weekend state troopers, expect a lot of Halloween. Parties ahead of October thirty first which falls on a Wednesday this year time for KIRO radio realtime traffic.

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