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Price seven twenty plus tax finance agreements required looks for two screens terms apply the story of perseverance even Pablo himself could appreciate AP's Ben Thomas reports. Key west annual Ernest Hemingway look alike winner is a contest regular, he'd entered the contest eight previous times I think everybody has to pay the news and I did but the. Ninth was magic for Michael groover of Savannah Georgia. The sixty two year, old harbor pilot sites to keys to his victory And I had my whole family and friends. And a heck of a team screaming format that included, his. Wife celebrity chef Paula Deen who noted not only does groover resemble Hemingway It didn't sell. Really well certainly the title. Delicious life with Paula Deen earners book a copy of the famous join, or die political, cartoon from a newspaper that Benjamin Franklin owned in, seventeen fifty four is up for auction it's the only copy known to exist outside of the library of congress the cartoon features the colonies fractured in the form. Of a serpent and it was aimed to rally the British colonies, to join against the French and their native American allies during the seven years war between Great Britain and France, Sander's auctions, says bidding, will begin at forty thousand dollars on Thursday Japan's recorded its highest temperature, ever the Japan meteorological agency since forty one point, one degrees celsius or one hundred six degrees Fahrenheit was recorded. In a city about forty. Miles northwest of Tokyo on Monday Japan's been dealing with a deadly heat, wave for nearly, two weeks along with south and North Korea is, to lingering high pressure systems have trapped warm and humid air above the region thousands of people in Japan. Have been rushed to hospitals with heat stroke symptoms the. Worst of the heat wave is expected to be over this week Hi I'm Megan crane AP digital.

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