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We will be at Jamous sliding maquina this Friday so head on out, there will be a Jay Mo's 10160 191st Street, all brought to you. By Miller Lights and Jay Mo's in Maquina, where we will be on Friday. 2 to 6. That's a cool place. It is. I'll always have had trouble like my address in Cincinnati, where I grew up, was one away to five bridal pathway. When I see numbers like I I freeze when I see them when I'm reading them here in Chicago one There's a lot of 160 191st street like I always find myself going. 10 1 60 like Then I just remind myself Go back when you grow up in Cincinnati. It wasn't 10 8 to 5. It was one way to five. That's what we do on the South side. That's where I'm from Southside. So, yeah. So how would I say it would be 10 1, 60 or 1016 of See? Now I have to have the paper. Yeah, Like I always get confused as to house and 6191st. Okay, so one on 1 60. Okay. One on 1 60. That's the cadence. Okay. Here of a phone number where people screw up the cadence and the phone number. You never remember. Right? 4248321? What? Yeah. No, I can't remember that right? Was that kids and that's playing in my life. But I remember my address growing up in my home telephone number 513. I still have the home phone number to five. What was it 5132 and not have I think I used to remember now I don't anymore. I did 99513. Can we call it? You should call it if you remember it. I will. I remember before you get anyway, Zander's got the lineup for tonight's the White Sox in Oakland. Uh, we've got Louis 5135632909. There It is. All right. Write that down color around Louis Robert. He's in center field. He's leading off. You know, I'm like katanas. At third. He's batting second. Batting third. Jose Bre You playing first tonight in Jimenez is in the cleanup spot left field as Monty's behind the plate, batting fifth Gavin Sheets as the D H batting six. Larry Garcia's in for T A Batting seventh at short and move on in right field, batting eighth, and Cesar Hernandez is in the last spot, batting second. And Jimmy Lambert. I'm saying, playing second base and Jimmy Lambert Is on the bump. Now. Tonight it begins like we were upstairs. I was asking you about your White Sox confidence in the eye dot bullpen and remember, I got reminds you to start seeing motorcycles. Motorcycle safety is everyone's responsibility. Learn more at life or death. Illinois dot com It starts now, right The run to the end of the regular season starts tonight. Game one of the three game set with I Should Say We've talked about this, too. I'm sure you guys hit upon it after the field of Dreams game. Tony sat the guys down and said, Look, Let's treat this like a playoff run. And they came out seven and seven. Now that was blue jays. That was the raise. Those are tough teams. Yeah, you know, so that's not anything you know. That wasn't a lie. I didn't see that as an issue. But I do as we talked to Len KASPER, this I l stuff for the pictures and wrote on. That is a concern because that is the arm tartness. Now. I can't remember. Lance had the hammy to did Lance. Have an answer? I think it was me inflammation. And Louis. Uh, Giolito handy. Hear me, Okay. And listen, I'm sure those are all things that they're going to get past and everything will be OK. Ham is can linger, although this one is supposed to be less severe than the last one he suffered through, But they're as impressive as their everyday lineup is their starting rotation in the first half of the season was the reason why I was so excited about their chances in the post Now with what's happening, Lambert tonight we've got Lopez, who has shown He's pretty strong. He's coming to spell. Uh, kaiko a few times. Yes, and in with good results, and whoever thought we'd say Lopez did the rescue? Yes, but that's been a great story this year, so Now it's time while we're dealing with the L stuff with the starting pitchers. Now is the time that that middle relief really has to step up. And of course, we have rock stars as closers. So I mean, listen at all on paper at all it all looks and lens. Very call me as we were talking about. He's very calm. Yes. You settle me down. Yeah, I think I'm good. It starts tonight. Aces in socks tonight. Eight 41st pitch. Conner. McKnight will have your pre game at eight o'clock. But prior to that It's black and dollar from 6 to 8. Full show too full of where when we got tonight is the NFL season is here back Football's back. We'll talk some college football.

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