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To the show and hopefully we'll see how they are. And I don't, so let me see where Mister Sparks is. here. And I'll send them a link again. And then how will should be here? Any second? I know we had some technical issues. So we'll see what happens. Although, some people seem to think that I'm the only one who has technical issues. Well, guess what? It's the freaking internet. Yeah. I know thinking he's doing his show, but he was going to do it along with me. So I don't know what's going on. Matt Lewinsky Jaan, I love Highlands. Hope doesn't my girlfriend, then he looked. I know how his life he was coming on him off. So let me see what's going on. Let's see. Yeah, he's supposed to be here. Let's see. He's probably trying to figure out how he's going to do this. Let me just get rid of this right there. and, So, we'll see. In the meantime. Let's all enjoy. Idiot, that is known as Mike Lindell. Now, he doesn't even realize what he's saying on this symposium. So this is too funny. So I'll share this with you. Oh, here comes how well we might as well play this for help to okay. Yeah, I'll take a gander at this. I think you'll enjoy it. Why is? Because there's going to be a lot of live? This is how we starts off as the reason I want to do this lot into the reason I want to do this live is because there's going to be a lot of Lies. By the way, the big lie is the big light off. And what we're going to do with this medium, but the band me and there's a lot of them here with out there. Believe me as I invited him into the reason I want to do this slide is because there's a lot of Lies. By the way, the big lie is the big lie. The big lie is the big lie. Let's have a part lying upon lying and the big why we lie down as just one of the most beautiful lies you could ever tell. Like I'm by the way, I'm live streaming at two people at once. This is I'm doing my live stream, which I'm carrying the whole Michael and Ellen on stage right now, and then I'm joining you. So this is a, you know, I have to say, this is a, this is a party. There's, it's, it's a lot of fun. Now, the first, I'm listening to the first five hours before I went on the air because they've been at this for a while. I they basically have been rehashed during a lot of the stuff. He's been showing in his other in his videos. He basically has. This is the Roadshow version. That was the music video. This is the we're going to try and recreate nice live mistake. You know what I mean? This is, this is this is his Milli Vanilli moment. This is the Ashlee Simpson. SNL. This is where that Michael and L is I suppose he's going to show everybody that like, didn't watch his documentary movies..

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