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Said this Last week and then I got, somebody in the building, giving me we're looks. About this you, know Enter you don't like it helps if you're good but. It's not if if you just want to participate, and maybe some beginner's luck is there you can we're not telling you like you actually have to. But if you want a real shot at winning most likely you would need to, be pretty good I don't think that's something that. Just all of a, sudden comes naturally to somebody but maybe it does why not just join us. It's fun I do view weighing in on baseball. Topics Steve Says how about the rookie Han Hanson plays, out Plays out of his mind rocks trade LeMay Hugh I think. That that's a now he has to get healthy was he ten day de. L. so it's gonna be tight for the, Rockies now you could still trade him but You know for a contending team to trade for DJ he while he's on the DL is is a little, bit Risky but you can you know have your own medical examinations and all that kind of stuff but I do think that that's something like. DJ? LeMay who is not a, long term peace on this team unless he takes a sweetheart deal and in baseball why why would you So. Salary gab I'm sure the Yankees or the Red Sox could use a second baseman so why would you limit yourself unless you really love being here which we. All? Hope in Colorado Which actually turns out to be the. Case how many former Denver athletes staying Colorado whether it be here, or Denver Fort Collins or Castlerock But I don't think that I think the Rockies made, a clear choice this offseason in re-signing Charlie Blackmon because they can't afford. To take on much, more payroll if certainly not free agent payroll if they're going to try and, lock up Nolan auto before this time next, year I'll say might be in a, Saint similar situation that the Orioles, are with Manny Machado So d- Mayhew ain't game. Paid so either he's, going to take a sweetheart dealer he's gone so to Steve's point why not I like. DJ LeMay Hugh he's, a gamer Second base is in a, critical defensive position Can? You find. A bat that is consistent DJ probably not But Hamson the a ham ham son the? Other night Look pretty good hit a double cool. Moment for him so highly, touted and everything like that, maybe, there's a fit there Also let's also let's not, forget, who's lurking, it's not Gary Hamson is Brendan Rodgers. Now that Trevor stories we're looking at. Trevor story now and like.

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