Empire Today, George Brandel, Bob Crow discussed on Christopher Kimballs Milk Street Radio - 123: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: The Elements of Good Cooking


South has been a driver history as a currency the cause of war and also the foundation for empire today salt still retains its magical properties salt and coffee reduces bitterness sultan obrien improves the ability of proteins to retain water drink cooking and of course soaking beans assault helps them to cook evenly my favorite use of salt is throwing in over my love shoulder which blights the double who is always working behind me so can you as someone to pass the solved you get history and magic not just seasoning thanks for listening to millstream radio you can listen to our weekly shows an tunes stitcher tune in spotify also on our very own website milk street radiocom we'll be back next week campbell's milk street bail is produced by milk street in association with wgbf executive producers melissa faulty now and stephanie center producer amy production assistant carly helmet top senior audio engineer douglas sugar senior audio editor melissa allison with help from vicky merrick and sydney lewis i am mixing by j allison had atlantic public media production how debbie patti theme music to bob crow additional music by george brandel edgar christopher kimble's milk street radio is distributed by p r act.

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