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Join. Hi Jason Bentley in four decades morning becomes eclectic. You've heard legendary sessions broadcast live from our humble basement studios. Now the legacy continues from our new home where closing out the undrivable pledge drive with the very first live broadcast. From KCRW HQ. It's James, Blake live, and you can be their support KCRW by Monday night to the automatically entered to win your place in KCRW history. Go KCRW dot com slash join. in which he promises, lucrative government contracts in exchange for financial Streets. support from woman posing as the niece of a Russian oligarch. Now, the conservative chancellor says enough is enough a reference to other scandals involving his right The coalition. apps. No australia. He said should hold elections as soon as possible. Meaning the government would have lasted listen to use the video scandaled his shocked Austrians of old political persuasions and thousands directed angry at the chancellor chanting outside his This. office resigned now for NPR news. I'm Kerry Skyring in Vienna. A change of plans for former president Jimmy Carter who just underwent surgery for a broken hip. Now he says he won't be teaching Sunday school tomorrow. After all his spokeswoman says the ninety four year old is progressing, well, but underestimated the Mont of time he would need to recover from hip replacement Carter broke his hip, Monday as he was leaving to go. Turkey hunting, a devout Christian. He regularly teaches Sunday school in the plains Georgia in two thousand fifteen he was treated for cancer that had spread to his liver and brain scans now show. No sign of the disease. This is NPR. Thanks. Yard comes from the wine club where everybody tells a story fevered VR shows inclusive wines, like Aldridge, considered piano, nor available with those twenty one older A of your voice ward. skin. So. Feebly. Bruce. Down. The. Roxie. Closer. Coming. No wonder. Because it doesn't just. Which. These. Doesn't. Just. Shoot. Go. No. See. Doesn't matter. Fantasy. Scott. Shoot. Stocks. Yes. Somebody. Listening KCRW. My name is van sitting in for an lit. She's back east during the week. She is today. Maybe dodger game. Listen to track from Nikola crews say. Performing the echo, plex live may eighteen. Quite the show. The mean ahead of that out of nephew. Iggy pop on vocals, resist track. We heard less econ Chaz is the name of the album. Gas comes in that set with walk, the walk very reminiscent of early Tom York in Radiohead. So for some pickups gave us, it doesn't matter, why their latest widow's weeds and the ad started out that long block of music with in the end of by mental. Can hear a lot of literature at Sunday night's which I'm usually on six PM, and then Rollins follows me. So he plays a lot of threats as well. Big fan of this latest album digging. Finally settled in.

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