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So if the minimum wage had tracked the wages of the top 1 percent of work of wageearners it would be twenty eight twenty nine dollars today so it you know like raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour sounds like a lot to a lot of people it's actually a third less than they probably deserve um but they have become so um brainwashed by the sort of relentless trickle down idea that if you raise wages you kill jobs um that they've persuaded themselves that you know that seven 25 is fair and that ten dollars some massive giveaways just nuts it's nuts too giant khan job so the most pernicious thing about trickledown economics is not the idea that if the rich get richer that's good for the economy the most pernicious idea is that if the poor get richer that will be bad for the economy and that's what the american people have been told relentlessly for thirty or forty years and it is an utter lie let me get back to your warning about the pitchforks in our last few minutes together i wonder if that's not such a bad thing i wonder what's wrong with pitchforks may be some of the plutocrats need to get forked yeah well so he here here's the thing is that if passed his prologue that what's going to happen there's almost no example in human history where radical inequality was saw was was um mitigated peacefully.

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