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But was worried about the implications. But very interestingly on the women's all was getting really quite by for Prince, Philip, suddenly, queens comments on Brexit. Yes. Well, we went we went from one personal message. Another one albeit slightly more delicately coded that the Queen sent a message outs. Well, when speaking at the Women's Institute in Norfolk. I without mentioning Brexit's, but sort of kind of code it to tell British politicians, stop the bickering and tested recipe for people to talk, and she had always found this to try and tested recipe of getting all we what's interesting this. It was it was thirsty Thursday afternoon. And it had already been shown to number ten. I think Theresa May. And how advises handle ready seen what the Queen has said just to make sure that it was okay? With number ten, and as we know the Queen doesn't the queen's politically neutral. She doesn't make pronouncements it kind of echo Christmas message where she said, you know, really, we should be talking. We always talking to try and sought a way through this. Exactly. Well, this is you know, right now, this is the time when everyone needs to come together and resolve a crisis. And so I think messages like this, very, well timed. I think it's easy as she kind of alluded easy to lose sight s- and we've got to focus on the bigger picture during annual speech. She said I'll quote as we. You look for nuances in the modern age. I for one prefer the tried and tested recipes like speaking while of each other and respecting different points of view coming together to seek out the common ground and never losing sight of the bigger picture and talking of which speaking well, one another I made Kensington Palace have been spending hours having to deletes all moderate comments on their Twitter on Instagram on social media sites of PayPal who have Bain incredibly raised about McCain, which I really want to repeat. No, I think, you know, this is probably something that may have should or should have come a while ago. But I think fans are definitely noticed in the last couple of months that messages were being somewhat moderated in the past the comment section specifically on the Kensington Palace Twitter account was kind of a bit of a cesspit to be honest. It was a lot of negative, comma. Events specifically about Meghan. But also about the two of them. And if they're ever photos of case it was suddenly loads of fans underneath saying why Megan's better and vice versa. But of course, a lot of stuff just aimed at Meghan for reasons that we don't even need to go into because we know it's mostly to do with race. And and all the kind of Nacionales that we try. Obsessing, actually, isn't it? Because it kind of makes you think that we know the background who these people from around the world. But it's rather depressing to think that society is still like that. Well, you know it exists and unfortunately, social media can be kind of quite a window out into the dock assigned manatee de we think that I mean Kensington Palace made a policy over the last three or four years of social media. I they tweet things first before of asleep, even telling us, the Royal correspondent, they put out noise pictures, precisely to engage with our social media followers. Do we think this has exacerbated things in this specific case a reason why we're talking about it today's because Hello magazine, which I would say almost wall to Voyles. Coverage ninety percent of the issues and very positive for those of you in the US that don't read it as very positive publication..

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