Seoul, George, Bram Stoker discussed on Lore - Episode 72: A Grave Mistake


It's important to point out that for a very long time death was a deeply supernatural thing for a lot of people it was strongly believed that the sole and the body were to separate things loosely tied together all of it was very mysterious of course but mystery as we know as a way of breeding folklore this ancient belief finally found expression in a philosophy known as vital ism the basic idea was simple our source of life the thing that animates us and makes us who we are is something other than our physical form life comes from the seoul one contributor to the idea of vital ism was a seventeen thcentury german physician named george stall it was his opinion than death was like an invisible pair of scissors cutting the connection between the body and soul but sometimes he said that process can go wrong trapping the sole inside a person's dead heart where it feeds off the souls of the living the solution he proposed was known as therapeutic exhumation if a town suffered from a plague illness with no logical cause stall recommended exhuming the earliest victims cutting out the hearts and burning them to release the soul and if that sounds familiar to you there is a good reason for that because some historians think that when the british forces higher german mercenaries during the american revolution those hired soldiers brought german physicians with them positions who held the stalls idea some of them apparently stuck around after the war and travelled around new england teaching people about therapeutic exhumation which gave us the great new england vampire panic and eventually bram stoker's dracula but let's go back to signs of death because every one really wanted to be sure their loved ones had a chance to recover for centuries isi see it was common for people to fall into a deep death like sleep and not wake up for weeks or even months it was heart wrenching and confusing and people wanted better proof.

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