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Davies an immoral act overpopulation climate change. Fascism. Yes. They're trying to by any means necessary approached. All that. And they were trying to adopt. Junkies. You're listening to film spotting. That's the trailer for writer director tamra Jenkins private life. You heard a good chunk of the movies on samba there that was Molly Shannon with John Carroll. Lynch before that Kathryn Hahn and Paul giamati Han and GM ATI are the stars of Jenkins film, new play a couple in their forties. Both working artists, or at least one I think is it working artists wants formerly an artist who have put off having children and now have to seek medical intervention to make it happen things. Get complicated when g Ahmadis college-age step niece offers to be an egg donor for the couple. She's played by newcomer. Kaley carter. Now Jenkins also directed two thousand seven the savages that starred Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Like the savages, which was about a brother and sister, caring for an aging father, private life takes a painful complicated. Subject matter and considers it with an eye for the absurd at my working on my written review of this film, as we speak and the phrase that came to mind to me is. Jenkinson this film in particular. She looks at life's challenges with an unbe linking. I that occasionally sneaks in a, wink. And I think that's what I really appreciate about her films as they find that balance between holding onto the reality. While also giving us a lot of cathartic releases of humor, that's just as genuine it. Feels just as genuine to me. I love this movie. Really? And you're. Slightly frowning. No, no, I didn't strongly dislike the movie there is a lot to recommend here. But I think the humor was actually the biggest problem for me. So let's let's talk about what works about the movie. It's a really smart movie is incredibly well acted. I think that it's very much about the struggle many endure. Obviously when trying to have a baby and yet, it's not really about having a baby at all. It's about succumbing to adulthood, and the choices we make and the rationalizations and the regrets and issues that really any married couple faces so whether or not you relate directly to what this couples going through or not I think there is a lot that you can connect with. I think it's really skillfully shot as well. Mine cinematographer here Christos Vidor is he didn't before midnight. He did Alps the yoga's Lantamot film. He also did IRA Sachs really good movie love is strange from a few years ago. You don't see many films that play with focus as much as private life does and blurred images than Ulta. Coming into focus, and I think that does all serve to heighten this couple's anxiety and ours as viewers, and maybe that word anxiety is the key to my reaction to this movie. It made me so anxious. I think a lot of it's supposed to of course, Ed Lee credit to Jenkins as a director in a writer into Han g Ahmadi that all of those frustrating, painful vulnerable, raw kind of conversations and scenarios made me that anxious and uncomfortable because I think they are alternately so real ons character Rachel is one who never holds backing anything. She shares her feelings whenever she is compelled to which is often in Josh hito me. I'm more of a repressing tonight kinda guy. So I can really. Yeah. This type of dysfunction and the confrontation we get in many scenes in this film is tough for me to watch as it was in Jenkins last film the savages which I wasn't a fan of now. I said the humor here is what ultimately didn't work for me. And I don't want to suggest that there aren't lines. Or beets or gags that don't work there. Absolutely. Are some? I think if you get on its wavelength that absurdity the heightened nature of the theatricality of it could be very satisfying and kind of profound in the way winks at us to use your word, and how it surrounds such really serious subject matter if you don't get on the wavelength, and I never did if feels a little bit contrived and artificial too much at odds with the underlying reality and actually grinds. What is otherwise a pretty swift movie to a halt? I'll give you one example. There's a revelation I won't spoil that happens during thanksgiving after Molly, Shannon has sued up and said we're all going to.

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