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I promise you it's not but there are moments where i write in after really good about it. There are moments where. I think you mentioned the money. The first draft of this is brilliant. This is wonderful beautiful which only terrified me more mcnall. Every death sentence has to be that too. But i can't write sentenced to until i feel like symptoms. One is as perfect as possible. I can't write paragraph to paragraph one to me is something that i feel like the world is ready to reap and freezes me as a writer times and so editor never problem every editor. I've ever worked with this. I go by the time you the draft. I mean it's it's damn near ready for copy edit but why did you take three extra years since the draft you know. Tell me a little bit more about what it means for you to be exacting at the level of the sentence. Why you think it's that way. What do you think of as the afford ince's end the constraints of bad approach one of the risks and the hearing date. You're speaking to right. is i think. Most writers encountered this a good deal. You know one of the risks is a kind of paralysis you get so caught up in your own anxiety that you know you kind of lose track of the impulse you lose your your rhythm your. I'm somebody who thinks a lot about writing in terms of rhythm and so for me. Yes i am super exacting about it. But i tend to write you know typically in kind of spurts i would say you know or segments. You know it's kinda like you either. Either it's hot hot for a minute. You know it's like when you're you're a ball player like sometime you. Just go colds right right sometime. Will heat up. And then when they're hot you just pass them the ball right. Don't step is shooting at three. Just key feeding him the ball. You know what i mean. So when it's hot. I just keep going. And if he needs to be edited okay. We'll we'll do that later. But you know. I feel that it's in rhythm and and that for me is the thing because to me. You know there is that quality of of breath and voice in all of that and a lot of this also writes. I think now i'm interested in certain conaway in a in a writing style that i hope will be to a certain extent personal in you know I get this actually from fred moton. Who's a philosopher and writer. Poet theorist while i greatly admire you know but he was saying you know. I wanted my writing to have a sound really recognizable. Sound the way. That like you know you hear you know a few bars of miles davis and you know it's mine. We know his mouth medium right. It could not possibly be anybody else. I think i think of this to certain extent in terms of tradition right. I think i think black writers.

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