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Plo shut drinks never ali feared he picked it up he rose grant long the metal as intercepted there were the table and quick looking over the future who gets great the go he looked at the prejudge it forty five yards audubon spurs saigon into his own bench now beats were that gone knbr 6'8 and streaming live at knbr dot com yes his so i deceive the patriots i was actually more compelled a little bit by them losing that i was by the first half of the lawyer game like i had the wigan on the like with patriots gonna lose sight kept on the kids and like switch back to the patriots citric and even at twenty seven to ten dolphins all to 27 attend lead i was like you know what tom brady's not out of the stamping authority has taught us a hero at that lesson many times and then when he make ted scored a touchdown to make a 27 seventy or fourteen minutes gone the game as here we go a patrick gonna went yeah here we go how they're going to win the damn gave that's how this guy has brainwash me which goes to show you when i finally lay down my arms in surrendered to him as the greatest of all time because he's just now created just such his his resumes to thick mass frican phone book thick now and it's like so here it goes against wide so thick film or got to say in joe montana's defence maybe discovered a couple of those losses fat and things joe didn't he like to go when those games anywhere that's all i have other choosing that matters i in the number one factor by a mile is how they are treated by defenders that's if tai and and this is not a whole time fat choice to get like t eight lawyers out on sunday to act that tom brady would not be playing football at age forty under the rules of the seventy ever learned lender marshall hit you fullspeed blindside no flags no nothing by that's after you release the ball two two seconds oh problem you can still hit the guy uh so i mean so so every with tom brady can't play tilley's 45 has never been done before we'll get you can when you're when you're wearing basically in orange jersey central.

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