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Hourlong sean fill over there and on silver without them down fdr go first of all i word that was freak in britain nanno it was amazing pretty great i almost turned it off especially when markets more with the ending on a threepoint line ended this that back eight away 3pointer that kwang off the shot clock valid grude not great niagara i mean i know oh i know he got some run especially in the second half rabin's but i would say there's a little bit more to be desired out of him but a oh he's working its way into shape i understand and in our free to me the biggest regret i e between i re and i he is that higher gardner he plays it so little emotion you leg of balkan or something and and and it with all in like amazon fire with very mode not panic carried of lay with a motion but i mean it's just level he's just so smooth that icy and then real quick though brown re road they are they are not brit he may not look i'm i'm here to nitpick and i i'm here to make arguments in my favour about sean and i really starting off the air jaylen brown is one that i am looking very very wrong on i i hated that draft pick hated that draft pick um now look i i'm not telling you play great last night he didn't by the way he's played early on this year even has me taking note and it's not even the shooting i think the shooting has been floated a little bit by the the five or six night against sacramento the other night so i think is is numbers are a little misleading and floated by one big game i think he's shooting 33 percent on threes going into that game the other night uh in sacramento doesn't play defense so you know again we'll see where his shooting winds up i think is free throws are a little more indicative of his shooting than anything else the most impressive thing to me with jaylen brown is is aggression and.

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