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And the groupings of these different breeds a cheer particular job suggest that ancient breeders likely bred dogs for specific purposes and that in the past two hundred years people subdivided those larger groups into breeds one of the things that surprised me about what came out of this data with that there's a little bit of pug in there is a little bit of pug and this is really interesting this was you know the pug which is one of the earliest small dogs we know of it originated in china bruce actually using europe from the fifteen hundreds onward to shrink other breezy had a large dog you wonder maybe create a mini version of that dog you bring up again and so we actually see a lot of hugs in other breeds it really have nothing to do with politics so one of the things i was wondering reading is at you now purebreds are kind of torius for some of the genetic defects that seemed to have been bred into them so kenny of those defects be better understood by looking at the status us at yet without was another really interesting thing is the researchers found that some common genetic defects actually by comparing have the defects and seeing works rick lanes they are and you might actually be able to trace the history of where the defect originated what about the next step so this is it more dogs full genome scans both what else could we learn from getting more data or right so experts are saying that we need more breeze was really about half the number breach hear more of the genome you're from his additional data we can really get a better sense of where all the breeds came from and also to refine we know now because we are dealing with limited data here in the more data we have some more surprises may pop out.

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