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Oklahoma joining us now is Roger Thompson senator Roger Thompson actually who is the chairman of the Appropriations Committee for the Oakland a state Senate Roger are you there yes Sir all right how you doing I don't want well okay I gotta tell ya you know and for those of you do not know I've known Roger from when he was first elected the Senate is a very good man and I appreciate him taking the time to be with us today you know you and I were both in that building when there was absolutely no money to give it to to appropriate anywhere and you've had the benefit of being there when there is more money which is tougher having no money or having money and everybody wanting a piece of it what was the question I was told by those that were there before we had money that the hardest days are ahead and I realize you have much more money like five study followed mother this is sort of budget will be cut that much well if there's been an interesting year course well what is it that people need to know we've got money for the first time you guys are already got to obviously be working on next year's budget in looking at some of the options that you're going to be having what is it that people at home should understand before session start cannot manage those expectations for people what can they expect where are you my pleasure question your last year we finalized the budget level revenue stabilization bought by apple we had no money we decided we were had money again it would be good just say this and so originally senator hold down their whole was the author of that bill and it said that we would take a five year old wall of our bridge of all while our gas marble for tax and all we would save one of that five year rolling average laws we modify that last year two eight three percent cap of what the general revenue fund would actually be himself if we have six point six billion and certified funds which we will this year will automatically save will be for sale I am not sure that will equal about two hundred nine million dollars as we enter into this next fiscal year now let's do this you will got about a billion dollars now save we've got eight hundred three million already based on the book two hundred million in the budget revenue several sessions but my last year this is remember here force because you were looking at only a father three tenths of one percent growth in our economy saving two hundred nine million right off the bat until ready stabilisation bond when I give us a lot of flexibility to one knee and and adding a lot more revenue to different agencies well what do you say to those people who say look we have been broke for so long now that the you've got the money starts spending son of a some of it we've been behind the eight ball for so long what do you guys say to those people say you got it spend it well I believe that's a very good statement over the last few years we've had cut budgets from twenty five to forty percent I'm the person we believe the reason that we collect tax money is to take care of the citizens of the state of Oklahoma at the same time we've got to stabilize our economy you know all the gas goes up and down then we find ourselves having to cut revenue to our roads schools.

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