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Dave Baker hosted the home fix-it show here. My guys frugal kitchens would like to suggest a real New Year's resolution, a new kitchen order, your new kitchen by the end of January and get fifteen hundred bucks right up the price. Stop by one of the five showrooms order, your new kitchen and get an instant fifteen hundred bucks off. It's only this so Google frugal kitchens today. It's worth knowing what's really going on. That's why the Atlanta Journal constitution watches your elected officials in the gates. How your sellers are spent and provides more county by county coverage of important. Reporting investigations and details void on delivery of the AJC delivered to your inbox subscribed today at AJC dot com slash worth knowing new on news ninety five five and AM seven fifty s be hey, this is Chris burns from dynamic mud. Change is coming in taxes healthcare the markets. Make sure you're prepared dynamic money dot com. Listen for Chris burns and dynamic money. Every Sunday morning at five on WSB. It's boat show time your boating fun at the progressive insurance, Atlanta boat show hundreds of boats and the latest marine gear now through Sunday at the Georgia world, congress center hall as Atlanta Bush, show dot com. Did you know you can sell your life insurance policy even a term policy for an immediate cash payment? Call Coventry direct at one eight hundred four four three thirty nine hundred or visit coventrydirect dot com. To learn more. We thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. But we quickly realized we needed a way to supplementary income our friends sold their policy to help pay their medical bills got me thinking, maybe selling our policy that help with our retirement. So I did some research and called Coventry direct. We learned we could sell all of our policy.

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