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I miss the Mark I. I missed an opportunity to use the voice in the platform that I have, and I didn't do it well and I think that a little bit of change starts with some personal responsibility, so I'll take that, and I will talk about it now I will talk about a even though it makes me uncomfortable, even though I am nervous about saying the wrong things and not applying the right qualifiers. I don't do enough for the black community in this country, and that is effect we're going to move on. All right so before we get into the interview I? WanNa talk about Mr Williams a little bit because we didn't really get into the history of him going to jail I think that. If you want to hear more about that, there's plenty of youtube videos. He's talked about that over and over again I. Wanted You guys to get? Whenever you listen to get a little perspective on who he is. And where he grew up and things like that how he became the man that he was very interesting that he was a tiny fellow didn't couldn't joined the Marine Corps at first because he was too short I think that that. Kyle Carpenter same way, and it's just like general. Stop right the infamous General Krulak. I think he was like five two or something like that he. And I love that 'cause they always have nicknames like Large managing him what we talk about it a little bit, imagine him being five foot six or whatever he is, he walks in and like my name's woody like you'd be like Oh. You're adorable. Little, do they know? That us, and then he's carrying a seventy seventy pound flame thrower that it wasn't even taught to do it. Without further ado here is ninety six year old that are in world war to participant not disappeared, but medal of honor recipient he became a chief foreign officer, stuck around the military for while, and is doing more gold star families, maybe than anybody in the country..

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