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For a few hundred volunteers to give the squirrels their attention for a couple of hours at a time starting this weekend. They've done this before in Atlanta and say not only does it come up with useful information about the bushy tailed urban critters and actually brings people a lot of joy Sonia. Rincon ten ten wins. News wins news time, eight thirty five. Scientists from New Jersey is one of three scientists who've been named winners of this year's Nobel prize in physics, Dr Arthur Askin, Dr Gerard Merola, France. And Dr Donald Strickland of Canada one for work with lasers described as revolutionary Dr Atkins told us about his development made a bell. Labs in Murray hill four what's called optical tweezers. That news take a laser you can use it as a tweezers to pick up very small particles. Dr Atkins was born in Brooklyn. And with today's prize he entered the record books for becoming the oldest laureate at the age of ninety six he says he was pleasantly surprised when he got the call at five o'clock this morning. He says he's not sure if he'll be able to accept the prize in person and Italian physicist isn't winning any awards today. Correspondent Megan Williams has the story out of Rome tonight leading European physics center. Surin has suspended an Italian scientists after he criticised female colleagues saying physics was invented by men, and that men are victims of discrimination in science Allesandro. Threw me made the comments during the high energy theory and gender workshop in Genoa, the first female director of Sern Fabiola Gianotti expressed shock noting women make up only twenty percent of physicists, meanwhile, the Nobel prize for physics has just been awarded to three scientists a woman and two men wins. News time, eight thirty six Taylor swift had a surprise for fans today. Ten ten. Winter in his neck now page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, there's something about protecting people's homes through progressive that inspires me. 'cause I just had an idea for a book. Well, it was originally an idea for a movie based on a play inspired.

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