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Your mouth and seeing how it refreshes that mouth odor. Nutmegs also great to add volume to your hair and for boosting sexual stamina. So many wonderful things in nutmeg plus it just smells heavenly. So give nutmeg a try if you don't have it in your stache, put it on your wish list and enjoy some nutmeg essential oil this time of year. Now let's pull a recipe out of our DIY dug out the segment on our show where we read recipes that have been submitted by you are amazing listeners. Today's recipe comes from Michelle deveining and it is called the crisp restless leg calmer. To make the crisp restless leg calmer and you'll need coconut oil, three drops pan away, three drops copaiba and three drops frankincense, rub on your legs for a calming effect for legs that have trouble being still. Thank you for your recipe, Michelle, we always appreciate hearing from you. Our listeners, if you have your own recipe, you'd like to submit to our dugout simply email us at DIY at revolution oils podcast dot com. Support for our show comes from liquid eye V I always have a big tall glass of water with one stick of liquid IV mixed in by my side in the morning during workouts or just because I love the flavor and the way it makes me feel..

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