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Chances are you'll get it because you would've thought about. In in in watched back on on film and take an infinite out a different way to do it. But nobody takes a hip toss like Harley race accent Harley race, if you cannot mimic stuff like that. There's just certain things that that they look cool because that person makes it look cool. If you try it is not going to look the same. So isn't I have a curriculum where we're gonna start at the beginning walking locking up basic basic fundamentals, and then we're going to build where you can have a fifteen to twenty minute match. You will you're going to be able to tell a story and by the end of sixteen weeks, not going to be anything Briscoe funk or Shawn Michaels triple h won't be won't be in that category after sixteen weeks if you don't have any experience, but we'll get you to where you can tell a story in a wrestling match for fifteen or twenty minutes. But he I I have a curriculum. I've got a sixteen week program worked out in. But it's a it's a living document I like to think back in a day, and you got into business before I did. But by the time, I came around to US w nine hundred ninety we would be in Nashville at fairgrounds and Nashville isn't facility where the hills dressed on one side of the building and the baby's dressed on the other side of the building. And this is when everybody was still calling matches the ring, and you know, I was totally new to the territory and all of a sudden Frank morale or that other guy Paul would come over and say, so and so's good. Hitch with his finish tonight or you're going to catch something quick on. So and so and that was it, dude. That was all you knew going to the rings. I'm sitting there thinking I want and that was very nervous. But on the other hand, you know, when I look back, I didn't have anything to remember. There was nothing to forget. Because I had nothing to remember. So, you know, as green as I was, and I was only Steve Austin, and I would become stunning Steve Austin, but I find it had a character back. Then I can totally Ben that character because I wouldn't try to remember move after move after move the business has changed and sped up. It's so as baseball, I mean, we'll baseball slowdown, but athletes are better athletes to football football gist played at light speed. That's almost like a video game. What are your thoughts on just and this is not an indictment on the system? This is just a way pro wrestling slash sports, entertainment has evolved going back from the days and like like you were saying coming up on stuff and late sixties seventies. And I told you yesterday on the phone my favorite period was at mid eighties. Midsouth NWEA style. What were you thoughts on the way, the business has evolved into really no high spots and to a couple of high spots, and to you know, ninety three steamboat savage and attitude Eric you'll come out of that great stuff from the mid eighties. And now with short attention span theater. The guys and gals are such tremendous athletes much more athletic, and we were but the business has spent up as well. What are your thoughts on that? I think it isn't in inevitable that the world is going to change. I mean, we have to accept that yet. One thing. One thing I do not believe we'll ever go away or the fundamentals and basics. It's still blocking and tackling. When you come right down to it it eating football can change baseball. Everything's gonna change no doubt. Because he will demand faster newer, brighter. Shinier? Gimme something new. They are better athletes. No doubt. But they're missing the things that we had because. Oh, things don't exist anymore. They're missing the veteran. At the end of his leg at the end of his time working with you every night telling you when the slowdown now come up now. No too fast. And then mcdown you they're messing that because it doesn't exist anymore..

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