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Picture of of your doctor spencer's website looks just like what you're saying that exit the buildings or older by way of comparison as of six thirty this morning the water level in the very same location as the flood of nineteen 35 thirty eight feet 16 feet lower than the flood in 1945 now the waters going to continue to rise of the thirty eight feet is not final but the point is the flooding has been much higher and much greater but but houston has changed in those years uh as well now are the rainfall amounts are these totals unprecedented the questions hard to answer but i remember dr spencer was on this program once years ago he had called and it was during particularly inclement weather remember was a hurricane or a serious tornadoes or whether what i asked him a question based on an instinct us dr spencer is the amount of water in our ecosystem constant meaning is the amount of water on earth in the oceans in the atmosphere water vapour is it constant easily yes the other words we don't lose water it just changes location we don't gain that water we don't produce more so where did these forty inches of rain come from how did it happen they were not created out of thin air it was from circumstances that already existed it wasn't that brand new water never be four existing on earth came together in this storming got dumped on houston and other parts of texas the simplest explanation is that the water temperature of the gulf of mexico is about two degrees warmer than socalled normal that's a lot of heat and deal a lot of evaporation basically that's where the rainfall came from is from the condensation of evaporation of from the gulf mexico just get that the heat just sucked it up out of their it'll hightower towering clouds turns into a hurricane and in the rains com i've take a break here fox got our first commercial break we'll have vice president pence abul continue this is the program continues to unfold hang end festival rush on the.

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