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Morning and welcome to CBS this morning joined Tony couple, Anthony Mason and Gayle King Weekday mornings on CBS this morning. Okay, so good news during a challenging time for everybody, And this could really help you may know. Hundreds of thousands of people have already made the switch two metas share, which is the affordable alternative to health insurance. And with so many people looking at how they pay for health care right now, seeing premiums going up the cost of Cobra plans. Medicare has extended their special offer, and a lot of people have taken advantage of it simply apply by September 30th and they will wave your new member fee. That's $170 savings. And of course, that's just a start. The typical family saves $500 a month after making the switch. Medicare is a Christian community that shares each other's health care costs, and it's worked beautifully for decades. I'll give you the number here in a second, and if you call, you could get a price within two minutes. Just tell him the promo code share to get your additional savings. Here It is called 866 88 Bible. That's 866 88 Bible. 866 88 Bible. There's a new analysis of what's known as the silent killer Up to 100. Million people in our country have high blood pressure, and a new report finds an increased number of Americans don't have their blood pressure under control, the American Medical Association, Dr Susan Bailey says. That's concerning, especially now that we have Corona virus. We know that people with cardiovascular Today's are at much higher risk of severe illness and death. If they become ill with covered 19. She urges everyone to have your blood pressure checked and if it's high Sure you get it under control. Sabrina Cupid for CBS News..

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