Congress, John Carr, White House discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Monday, September 4, 2017


Well david there is bipartisan support in congress for protecting the deemed dreamers paul ryan has come out and said that he supports the program but there is absolutely no guarantee that congress will act their strong opposition from many conservatives and congress has brought this up before and failed to pass any protection for the dreamers all right john carr with us live from the white house on this labor day monday jon thank you which are next to the texas gulf coast tonight officials late today confirming at least sixty deaths now attributed to harvey as many residents now face get a new crisis there are new evacuations in houston as waters released from reservoirs leading some homes underwater and tonight a staggering number here what now for the eighty five percent of homeowners with no flood insurance abc's victory kendo from houston again tonight in west houston today the army corps of engineers starting to ease the flow of water from those swollen reservoirs but it's too late birth thousands of homes in its birth many now underwater very a good feeling another court by sixweek more than a little more than a month eighty five percent of residents accused don't have what insurance homeowners like bill and nina cotton who were flooded by that reservoir near spouse or people who don't have flood insurance and were told you didn't need any because you look they had just hours to evacuate firefighters carrying nato has ninety seven year old mother to safety marvi didn't fled your house the city mehta a calculated.

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