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Divorce the designs and everything and all the references to everything and still be the same show the references. Like, if you actually watch the show the references like the passing references to the comic book. Make it hilarious. Like, you know, like the Robin character makes the show, basically. Yeah. But they'll pull things out of comics like cyborg secretly wanting to be a member of the Justice league, you know, but he he's eating a peanut butter sandwich. Like singing a song about it? You know? It's just it's holding. Any other thing you could do that. Why they have to be the titans they beat up some other fuck in. I think they can be another to a younger audience and then introducing the league. I mean, it's possible that where they grow up they may want. I don't know every extra the fact like they had the older more serious cards. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They actually spoof it where they're like. What's the character? Who was like the TV? I forget what his name is. But there's like a villain. That says, oh, I'll reboot you fuckers. You can't reboot us all we really I did it before it, and he's showing them the movie of like, the old type, they're crying. They're like it was so good. Why don't you fuck and reboot? I mean, I liked that show. I'm sorry. But it's funny as I say as Anthony said earlier like I can't fault you for liking it by. I wore it. It's better than watching puppy dog pals. I mean, I don't have kid patrol up to watch Papa troll. I don't I don't really make a point of watching any of those shows. But like, I'm just saying like, I the only reason I would even look at it is because it's referencing the titans, which are a kind of that. I like. Yeah. And then I watch it on my okay this. I get this. It's cute. Whatever might, but this is really like none of these characters act like they're supposed to act none of these Eric at they're just in name only, and I might have a kid likes this. And then they go to read the comic book, there's not going to be meeting. There's nothing there except for like passing references Robbins, not gonna be banging pussy in the cartesian dozen the titans TV show holy shit. So this is why like the Tintin's because Robin is breaking bones. And then he Bank star fire. That was great. And then we got to meet Jason Todd, and it's super violent. It's like the complete opposite of the. There which is also kind of autumn weather end of the spectrum tighten its. But look if you got the app, it's this new far you in. There's like six I think there's five left is gonna be worth it. Yeah. I I like it. It's it's new content. This is the first new thing on this app. So it's a huge test for them. They're going to spin up do patrol. That's going to be swamping. There's going to be young Justice is going to be a highly Quin cartoon. So there's a lot you contact coming. But they're not putting it out at once. Message. That's on there. Yeah. They're putting it out. There really stretching out stretching the content of there's a little bit of decompress writing on the titans to which is kind of annoying because somebody is really taking a long time. There any Napa that Joe. Here's what another place that's taken a long time for anything to happen is game of thrones, get an April. Wait, let me get TJ on. Yeah. TJ? I know you guys love the thrones. Just shared this link about. Martin hiding in a cabin. So he can finish the next fun. Feels over before he could finish it. He hasn't finished this book and book yet that was supposed to come out in twenty fifty nine believe and the and the fact that the show has had to ask for his notes, so they can fucking finish the show. So look you can't rush. Good art. I guess, but this is a little fucking ridiculous for people who want to read these books now, I don't want to read these books because I heard the show is way better way, streamline Jason Dutch last season is coming out April who ends up on the throne at the end. What's your prediction? You know? I honestly we had this discussion a few weeks ago on on our pod..

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